Jan 24/09 – Waterloo, ON
207 Erb West
W/ Despite All This, Blar

Jan 22/09 – Hamilton, ON
W/ Despite All This

Jan 21/09 – Toronto, ON
The Mud House
W/ Despite All This, Brad Religion, TROLLe

Jan 20/09 – Peterborough, ON
The Spill
W/ Despite All This, Broken Chorus

Jan 18/09 – Fredericton, NB
178 Westmorland Street
W/ Despite All This, Starla! Ubiquitous

Jan 16/09 – Halifax, NS
The Shore Haus
W/ Fievel

Jan 16/09 – Halifax, NS
6222 Chebucto Road
W/ Despite All This, Reverend Aaron Doncastor

Jan 15/09 – Moncton, NB
Paramount Lounge
W/ The Strawmen, Rabid Reaction, Despite All This

Jan 14/09 – Riverview, NB
Dan Bohan Center
W/ Secret Agent, Knife Party, Rabid Reaction, Despite All This

September 15/08 – Victoria, BC
Camas Collective Bookstore
W/ Starla! Ubiquitous, Todi Stronghands, Reverend Aaron Doncastor

June 6/08 –
The Library House
W/ Eviction Party, Legs, Starla! Ubiquitous, Sister Fister

May 19/08 – Ottawa, ON
W/ The Visitors, Justinomics, The Rough Sea, Eviction Party, Starla! Ubiquitous

May 18/08 – Montreal, QC
Bar St. Laurent
W/ Eviction Party, F.R.A.F., Team Rocket, The Rough Sea, Starla! Ubiquitous

May 9/08 – Moncton, NB
The Paramount Lounge
W/ Fear of Lipstick, Eviction Party, The Strawmen, Starla! Ubiquitous

April 29/08 – Halifax, NS
Woozley Farm
W/ Cap'n Cop$, The Ghost Bees, Justinomix, Reverend Aaron Doncastor

August 20/07 – Halifax, NS
One World Café
W/ Todi Stronghands, Starla! Ubiquitous, Reverend Aaron Doncastor

July 4/07 – Halifax, NS
Underneath the Fairview Overpass/Woozley Farm
W/ Resurectum, Eviction Party, Les Taberfucks, Rice and Derm

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